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My work

These are the highlights from my 10-year career

My education

I visited more than 100 conferences on Leadership, Soft Skills, Finance and Trading. I am a firm believer in life-long learning and am constantly finding ways to improve myself

  • "Irina is a dedicated hard worker and a good soul to have in every office. She is a valuable team member, helps out without being asked twice, and is ready to go the extra mile. Good to have her on board."

    Michael Knecht, Partner at SIGLO Capital Advisors
  • "Irina did her internship at Deutsche Telekom's Area Management until October 2012. She conducted data research and analysis with diligence, ambition, and responsibility and met all the tasks I had set before her excellently. Irina has my full support both on a personal and professional basis."

    Oliver Knipping, Vice President Area Management at Deutsche Telekom AG

Some of the amazing things I did

I enjoy challenging myself in every aspect of my life and chase those little pink unicorns outside my comfort zone

Organizations I care about

For more than twenty years I am an active volunteer in various organizations

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Feel free to write me in English, German, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian